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Being a Web developer and a huge fan of the dark theme for the apps, I was always excited by how apps these days are smoothly switching themes. All of the apps on my phone and my laptop are running on dark mode. Still waiting for …

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There are many approaches to a single problem and we are always after the most efficient solution. Today, let us compare the performance between Iteration and Recursion.

Let us consider a simple problem — Given an array of strings, write a function to capitalize each array element.

I know…


In this era of cloud computing, everything has moved to the cloud varying from storage, platform, infrastructure, and whatnot. IDE on cloud (like Codepen, Codesandbox, JSFiddle to name a few) has become a reliable tool for front end developers like me to use for on-the-go-code or to share code…

Anand B

Front End Developer/React JS/ SAP UI5/ Fiori

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