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Being a Web developer and a huge fan of the dark theme for the apps, I was always excited by how apps these days are smoothly switching themes. All of the apps on my phone and my laptop are running on dark mode. Still waiting for to be in dark mode.

Jokes apart, I came across CSS Variables which helps in achieving the theme implementation easily. It is supported by all browsers so we can start using them like a pro. Simply put, it lets us create variables in a CSS file.

Reference: CSS Variables MDN

I have created…

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There are many approaches to a single problem and we are always after the most efficient solution. Today, let us compare the performance between Iteration and Recursion.

Let us consider a simple problem — Given an array of strings, write a function to capitalize each array element.

I know all of your brain cells have started jumping in to solve it out. Yes, all of us will have a different approach to this. The one that came to my mind would be the one below. Simple and Short.

let capArr1 = (arr) => {


In this era of cloud computing, everything has moved to the cloud varying from storage, platform, infrastructure, and whatnot. IDE on cloud (like Codepen, Codesandbox, JSFiddle to name a few) has become a reliable tool for front end developers like me to use for on-the-go-code or to share code with people across forums like StackOverflow. Think of a future where you do not have to hassle with setting up a development environment on your system. I am talking about the possibility of something like the Visual Studio Code on the Web. You will get all the extensions and the…

Anand B

Front End Developer/React JS/ SAP UI5/ Fiori

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